Inventum Consulting

Transforming Talent & Culture

Inventum Consulting delivers strategy and execution to increase workplace inclusion and workforce diversity & belonging. Our expertise in talent management enabled us to appreciate, first hand, the tremendous benefits a truly inclusive culture brings to business. We enable our clients to improve inclusion in their organisation, build diverse teams and increase belonging throughout their workforce.

Organisations today are 6 times more likely to fail than just 40 years ago – killed by a lack of innovation, resilience and adaptability in the face of relentless change. We’re at the gateposts of the 4th Industrial Revolution – artificial intelligence, digitisation and automation is impacting the very fabric of every workplace; organisations need to fundamentally change the way they engage with their biggest and most important asset – their workforce. But the way talent is attracted, retained, developed, managed and deployed hasn’t changed at nearly the same pace.

  • Diverse organisations are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors
  • Creating teams based on ‘Diversity of Thought’ enables faster innovation and scale of new products and services
  • Companies with diverse leadership earn 50% of revenue from products and services launched within the last 3 years (Innovation Revenue)
  • Organisations with diverse leadership are 70% more likely to capture new market share
  • Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to extract the full potential from their workforce

      (*Sources: BCG, McKinsey & Co, HBR, Forbes)

What we do:

  • Inclusion & Diversity Training & Educationdeveloping leadership and talent, creating understanding about the commercial and ethical opportunities enabled by inclusion and diversity
  • Inclusion & Diversity Auditingtaking a health check of your organisation to best understand where you are at and what improvements can be made
  • Behavioural & Psychometric Profiling - to enable insight into existing ‘cognitive fit’ where the gaps are and how to build great teams
  • Legal Guidanceadvising on legal compliance and understanding the Equality Act (2010)
  • Inclusive Attraction & Retention Strategyto ensure your process is truly inclusive and diverse
  • Workforce Engagement Programmesimproving staff engagement and belonging through inclusion and diversity training and activities
  • Internal & External Communications – to ensure your workforce receive clear messaging around inclusion and diversity, help you carry your message to market and customers and crisis communications
  • People & Organisational Change/Transformationassisting your business to define, design and deliver the; Strategy, Target Operating Model, Organisational Structure and Technology to support an inclusive and diverse culture

Our team:

We draw on our own diverse team to build project teams delivering bespoke client solutions. Our team includes:

  • Talent Management Specialists
  • HR Consultants
  • Organisational Psychologists & Psychiatrists
  • Marketeers & Communications Professionals
  • Transformation & Change Consultants
  • Diversity Consultants
  • Well-being Practitioners

For more information about Inventum Consulting, our services and team, contact Adam Tobias on 020 3008 4335 /

Inventum Consulting is part of the Wells Tobias Group