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A Personal Insight into Neurodiversity in the Workplace

"As a person with a neurodivergent condition, I have faced many challenges in my professional life, especially finding and maintaining employment. I’d like to share my insight into the challenges neurodiverse people face and how some small changes offered by employers can make a huge difference. For those unfamiliar with the term neurodiversity, it is a neurodevelopmental disability that includes conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Tourette Syndrome, Developmental Speech Disorders, and Autistic Spectrum conditions.  I’m currently a student at Birkbeck, University of London. They run an annual program, called ‘Ability’ which aims to find work experience for students with disabilities. The program is funded by the wonderful Ian Karten Charitable Trust. I was excited to hear about the program and thought that I would benefit from the work experience. I hoped that I would learn new skills, boost my confidence, and improve my social skills...."

Zhane Charles writes for the Wells Tobias Group / Inventum Search...

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Partnering with Insurtech UK

Our parent company, The Wells Tobias Group, are the official recruitment partner for Insurtech UK - helping transform the insurance industry through the use of technology, creating a far more customer-focused industry that can build on the UK's vast insurance expertise and generate a world-leading export success story.

For further information on our partnership with Insurtech UK and our work in the insurance industry, contact Joe Wells on 020 3008 4334 

Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion expert, Terence Parris writes for Inventum Consulting...

Diversity is not about replacing one power with another - 

- I want to press the pause or rethink button. Aren’t we in danger or replacing one set of discrimination with another?  Is there a danger that the very word ‘diversity’ becomes a dirty word, the McCarthy red, a battle cry for the seemingly embattled white man. If we look carefully, it's already happening. Articles in the media, embattled white men  sharing  social  media  about  - ‘here’s another example of diversity gone mad’,

Read and download >> WHITE MEN ARE not THE ENEMY

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Do Female Entrepreneurs Get a Raw Deal?

With International women’s day’s #balanceforbetter message reaching far and wide during March of this year, we were paying particular attention to the release of the Government's review of female Entrepreneurship, The Rose Review, highlighting the potential £250bn of value to the UK economy female entrepreneurship could bring in the coming years, while primarily outlining the barriers female start-ups face today.

Joe Wells (Partner, Inventum Search) discusses the challenges female entrepreneurs face and Allison Rose's report: HERE

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How to deliver a sustainable D&I programme

"By now most businesses should be fully aware of 'Why Diversity Matters' (thanks McKinsey&Co!), yet the complexity surrounding the focus of delivery is, for me reaching a critical stage and is driving disengagement, fatigue and fear..."

Writing for our sister company Inventum Consulting, Inventum Search Partner, Paul Baker, deep dives into how organisations can sustainably, deliver a diversity and inclusion programme... 

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Mental Health in the Workplace 2019

Inventum Search parent organisation Wells Tobias surveyed their candidates on the subject of mental health in the workplace and the results were eye-opening, to say the least. Drawing from the survey, Heather Lawson offers insight and commentary on the state of mental health at work, sharing the views and experiences of real people in how their employers approach the subject. 

Read/ Download here... Mental Health in the Workplace 2019

In conversation

Gender Diversity in Management

Continuing Inventum Search’s series of interviews with diverse and inclusive business leaders, Inventum Search partner Adam Tobias sits down with Kate Wells (Managing Director, Azur Underwritings) to discuss gender diversity and women in the Insurance sector. To watch the full film, go here.

Thought Leadership

Why Diversity and Inclusion isn’t just about Gender Equality

The conversation about inclusion in the workplace so often starts and finishes with gender equality. As women make up just over half the population, and just under half the working population, it is natural that the discussion about equality should begin here. The recent requirement for organisations with more than 250 staff to report on the pay gap between men and women has spurred many organisations to first look at the actual data, and in many cases act on what has been, in some industries, a woeful lack of equality. Times are changing but many organisations think they have solved their inequality issues by bringing closer parity between the sexes. It’s a great first step, yet many other groups are still clearly discriminated against in the workplace...

Read Adam Tobias' full article here

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Age Diversity and the Olderpreneurs

"...One of the big changes I’ve noted over the years is the uptick in the level of professionalism in the insurance industry - I do think we are more a market of choice for talented young people - for entry at any level. We have an abundance of talent and we need to work out how to use it better. When talent is referred to it is often aimed at younger people - millennials, etc. But talent comes in many packages and is not just the preserve of the young."

Read Karen Graves' latest white paper around the topic of Age Diversity, for Inventum Consulting.

Read and download >> Age Diversity and the Olderpreneurs

Though Leadership

Is diversity just difference?

"I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what diversity really means from an organisational perspective. So often, the word 'diversity' in the workplace is pigeonholed; reflecting one of the 9 protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act, with little consideration for intersectionality. My experience is that many people perceived as ‘diverse’ identify with more than just one characteristic..."

Check out Inventum Search Partner, Adam Tobias' latest article for LinkedIn, delving into the way organisation view diversity and how it relates to the Equality Act... HERE

Age Diversity

The changing nature of the workforce in Insurance

Adam Tobias (Partner, Inventum Search) in conversation with Karen Graves, Head of EMEA Hub Operations and Group Business Continuity at SCOR, a leading global reinsurer. 

Adam and Karen discuss how the Insurance sector workforce is changing thanks to the current and future effects of age diversity...

To see the full film, visit here

Thought Leadership

Diversity of Thought - How do organisations harness its power?

Diversity is a big topic, and it’s hot for all the right reasons. The subject is very high on the agenda for all forward-thinking business leaders, and I would be concerned if I was working at a company that hadn’t at least thought about how to embrace and foster more diversity. Conversely, I believe that the conversation about diversity and inclusion may be too focussed on what makes us different, which has the inverse risk of further marginalisation and tokenisation of minority or underrepresented groups, not greater integration and harmonisation. There is, however, something that unites us irrespective of our perceived and physical differences, that is the concept of ‘diversity of thought’.

Take a look at Adam Tobias' (Partner) latest article for LinkedIn, here 

Or view/download here

Thought Leadership

Diversity & Inclusion Equals Performance & Profits

Inventum Search recently met up with Diversity & Inclusion though-leader Terence Parris, former Head of Brand Sponsorship Activation at sports giant Puma, for a chat about D&I and how business can benefit from having a diverse and inclusive workforce. To see the full film, go here!

Generation inclusion...

According to research undertaken by Christie Smith PhD, Managing Principal at Deloitte University Centre for Inclusion, the ‘Millennial’ generation define inclusion differently from previous generations.

It is no longer just about ensuring equality and diversity in any given corporate environment for moral and ethical reasons, rather there is an additional focus on the benefits that cultural diversity brings to a team/company dynamic and their advantages over non-diverse environments. Furthermore, observations about these Millennials in general suggest that they are more focussed on purpose-driven work and experiences rather than previous generations. Diversity brings connections and collaborations that would not be possible in non-diverse environments, which greater impact commercial success.

Dr. Smith also highlights that whilst diversity and inclusion are buzz words in Corporate America and have been for some time, real change has been very slow coming. According to Deloitte, the racial and gender makeup of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies is 95% white, 1.8% Asian, 0.2% black, 3% other races, 4.8% women and 95.2% male. Contrast this with the actual (self-defined) racial and gender makeup of the American population which is 73.6.4% white, 12.6% black, 5.1% Asian and other races 4.7%. That clearly shows that every group is woefully underrepresented, other than white males who are grossly overrepresented.

I doubt this is much a surprise to anyone. Thankfully Millennials, and (hopefully future generations) see the drive towards inclusion by their employer and leaders is not a ‘nice-to-have’ rather it’s a ‘must-have’. Read more of Christine Smith's piece here.

Inventum Search's inclusive shortlists are at the forefront of how we operate, for more information contact Adam Tobias on 020 3008 4335 /

The 3 levels of psychometric assessment

The Inventum Search candidate assessment profiles an individual across four major trait scales or behavioural characteristics that define temperament, or personality, related specifically to business situation

The assessment is not a skills test or an intelligence test - It’s an assessment of a person’s natural behaviour. It tells how they’ll perform in various situations, how they’ll work with others, what motivates them and where their potential strengths and weaknesses may be.

The three levels of assessment: Appear toCan do… and what we call the Will do level. This tells you how a person will behave on the job.

Forward thinking executive search

An award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology produces, in-depth candidate assessment, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing costs and commercial down-time, and increasing new employee retention.

See our online platform in action...

March 2018 News

Changes happening within Global Payments …

  • Heralding ‘momentous change’ is common in prediction articles, says Paul Horlock, CEO of the UK’s New Payment System Operator, but this year it’s justified although we’re only in the foothills. NPSO , which consolidates three retail payment schemes into one, will oversee the move towards a New Payments Architecture (NPA) and there are the PSD2, Open Banking and GDPR changes to come. READ MORE

  • The Bank of England’s chief operating officer for monetary policy is joining the U.K.’s New Payment System Operator (NPSO). The NPSO announced news on Wednesday (Feb. 28) that Matthew Hunt is coming onto the team as COO. Further, the U.K. Payments Administration’s current Deputy CEO, Jenny Crawford, is joining the NPSO as its chief people officer. READ MORE

  • The New Payment System Operator (NPSO) has today (8 March 2018) announced the appointment of three new Board members, as it moves closer to taking responsibility for the UK’s retail payment systems. READ MORE

Paul Baker, a highly experience recruiter and headhunter with over 20 years experience, is a partner at Inventum Search. Paul’s specialisms include Project Management, Change and Business Tranformation. Contact him on 020 3008 4333 /



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