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Our methodology increases 1st year retention from an industry-standard 70% to over 96%...


Our behavioural and psychometric profiling identifies candidates that culturally match your business...

Delivering Diversity

Diverse organisations are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors (McKinsey & Co)

The inclusive search firm

Every 10% increase in gender diversity in senior management team equals an increase in EBIT of 3.5% (McKinsey & Co)


Disabled employees outperform all other groups in terms of innovation and professional ambition (CIPD)


Only 4% of disabled staff require reasonable adjustments that cost anything at all, and even then, the average cost is only £184 (Acas)


If employers achieve a representative mix of race/ethnicity in the workforce, it would result in a £24bn boost to the economy (Dept of Business)

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Diversity & Inclusion

To deliver creative and innovative solutions for their own diverse audiences, our customers need a workforce that is similarly diverse and inclusive. Inventum Search provide diverse and inclusive shortlists for all assignments


Utilising our highly insightful behavioural and psychometric profiling, we provide a far more scientific and modern approach than traditional search that identifies candidates that have the right skills and experience and culturally match your business. Our results speak for themselves; our first-year retention rate of 96% far outstrips the search industry average of 70%

Up to 12 month's guarantee on fees*

We offer a guarantee on placements up to 12 months which de-risks the executive hiring process. We do this simply to demonstrate our confidence in our methodology and the care and attention we take to match the needs of clients and candidates. No other search firm guarantees their service to this extent; ask yourself why?

Secure Online Platform

Our exclusive online recruitment platform allows client stakeholders to review, interact with and update their live campaigns, wherever they are in the world. It is secure and available 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Candidates can review their applications and add relevant and pertinent information to enhance their profile

Inventum Search provides multi-level insight


Written by your designated Consultant, this provides you with additional, role-specific information that isn't on the CV


Recorded personally by each candidate, this allows you to form a first impression early in the process


Using critical information that you've provided, this helps you to assess practical suitability before you even speak to the candidate


An innovative psychometric assessment process that maps the behaviours expected from the new employee. All based on what key decision makers involved in the process, have identified as being required.


This is a visual comparison snapshot that allows you to compare the candidate's strengths in relation to their expected salary


References are provided upfront and include information from past employers, colleagues and customers


A snap-shot of candidate qualifications and key achievements


To round things off, a digital version of the original CV is included


Financial Services

Professional Services

Media & Entertainment

Property & Infrastructure

Life Sciences



Operations / Change & Transformation

Public Relations & Communications


Human Resources

Law & Legal Business Services

Finance & Accountancy

The 3 levels of psychometric assessment

The Inventum Search candidate assessment profiles an individual across four major trait scales or behavioural characteristics that define temperament, or personality, related specifically to business situation

The assessment is not a skills test or an intelligence test - It’s an assessment of a person’s natural behaviour. It tells how they’ll perform in various situations, how they’ll work with others, what motivates them and where their potential strengths and weaknesses may be.

The three levels of assessment: Appear toCan do… and what we call the Will do level. This tells you how a person will behave on the job.

Practice Heads

Inventum Search was spun out of Wells Tobias Recruitment Solutions, an award-winning recruitment firm established in 2005 by Joe Wells and Adam Tobias.

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“I engaged with Inventum Search to identify candidates for a senior role within our London office. What set them apart was the thoroughness of their approach, their sector knowledge and contacts book, and their passion for D&I. By utilising their behavioural and psychometric methodology at the beginning of the search to create a profile of the ideal candidate, Inventum gave me total confidence that they understood our business as well as the key characteristics and skills that would be required by the successful applicant. I was also deeply impressed with Inventum’s bespoke recruitment platform that enabled colleagues in other offices to have full transparency on the process. Their wise counsel, professionalism and plain speaking throughout was thoroughly appreciated, as was their 12-month fee guarantee – far exceeding anything offered by any other search firm. I am delighted to recommend them”.

James Selman, Managing Director, Allison + Partners, Global PR & Communications Agency

"I came to Inventum Search via a recommendation, after being let down by another search firm. What a difference – they were ultra-professional and personable; their speed of response was very impressive, and they delivered us an incredible shortlist of candidates for a senior role in a short time scale. Whilst taking a very detailed brief, the consultants asked pertinent, challenging and thought-provoking questions that really helped clarify our thinking around the ideal applicant, their profile, experience and behaviours. I also liked their cleaver and intuitive use of psychometric and behavioural testing. The whole process was very smooth and efficient, and I am very happy to recommend their services".

Warren Swimer - Finance Director, Regal London

“Guidant Group has worked with Joe Wells and Adam Tobias for well over 10 years and they were the first members of our Strategic Supplier programme. Over that time, they have delivered an excellent service across multiple accounts and the feedback from our Account Managers and delivery consultants is consistently excellent. My own experience with Wells Tobias has also always been outstanding - their level of service, their compliance and expertise are always very impressive. The management team are very open, professional and personable. I can recommend without hesitation.

Ben Weston, Head of Supply Chain and Contracts, Guidant Group